Menus of l’Epicerie & Cie

To travel in the heart of traditional Burgundian cooking, look no further !

Come to l’Epicerie & Compagnie.

This restaurant of Dijon has found the right recipe, the right balance between tradition and modernity, authenticity of flavors and refinement on the plate.

Chef, Alexandre Hulin, accompanied by his sympathetic brigade, varies flavors, seasonal products to give you two cards to the year, worthy of the best classics of French cooking dishes.

You will be amazed to discover how this cooking is rich in taste. This exquisite sensations on the palate that you had not felt for a long time ? This is normal here ... everything is homemade, from raw and fresh product, worked with great care and from local suppliers basically.

Carte anglais été




Burrata Cheese with cherry tomatoes, granola, rosemary and smoked paprika   €10.00


Peasant’s salad, bacon diced, potatoes, poached egg, crust   € 8.00 


Smoked salmon cheesecake, capers and verbena berry   €11.00


Snails crumble in a piperade with chorizo   €9.50


Rillettes of roasted chicken with vache-qui rit cheese lemon and tarragon    €9.00



Burgundy starters

Poached eggs with red wine or Epoisses cream sauce (2 pièces)     € 10.00


Marbled ham and blackcurrant ketchup               € 9.50


Degustation of specialities (Poached eggs with red wine , marbled ham)        €13.00

Appetizer board to share: hummus, charcuterie, crunchy vegetables   €15.00


Giants salads


Grandma's poke bowl, quinoa, smoked salmon, cucumber, radish, beetroots, corn, vinaigrette sauce, rapeseed, soybean, lemon (possible without salmon)   €15.00


Peasant's salad, bacon diced, potatoes, poached egg and croutons      €16.00


Cheesemaker's salad, Epoisse cheese toast, feta cheese and brillat savarin cheese toast, Comté AOP     €17.00


Sailor's salad, smoked salmon, shrimp, crusty cod, grilled scallops    €18.00


Carlo's salad, baked camembert with truffle, potatoes and ham        €22.00





Burgundy chicken suprem, peanuts, mash potatoes and gourmed juice   €17.50


Beef tartare, french fries and oignon confit     €18.00


Burgundy veal grenadin in olive crust, caponata and parmesan        €19.00


Gratin of macaroni with ham and truffle (Tuber aestivum and uncinatum)    €17,00


Dijon's sausages from Frederic Martin (shallots, withe wine, mustard) mash potatoes and gourmet juice    €18.00


Grandma burger’s, with foie gras, chopped steack and French fries      €21.00


Grandpa's burger, French chopped steack, epoisse cheese, onion confit and French fries   €19.00


Beef rib steack and frend fries, with sea salt or epoisse cheese sauce    25.00


Duck breast with blackcurrant, baby potatoes, gingerbread powder      €24.00


Burgundy dishes


 OEufs en meurette, poached eggs in a red wine sauce or epoisse (cheese) cream sauce and french fries  (3 pieces)€15.00        


Burgundy beef, beef with red wine sauce, bacon diced, onions, and gratin of gnocchis     17.00




Back of cod, fennel confit in a meat juice and lemon    €22.00


Scallops skewer with chorizo, caponata, Sarrazin crumble and parmesan  €23.00


Grilled sea bass filet, mash beetroots and roasted hazelnut     €20.00


Vegetarian dish:

Vegetables in a tajine, almond and coriande  €14.00




Fresh cheese with sugar, or fresh herbs, or honey, or jam   5,00


Cheeses dish with salad and peanuts   8.00




Délice du Chanoine : Poached pear with red wine with blackcurrant sorbet and meringue    €7,00


Pistacho pana cotta, rasperries and spéculos crumble  €8.00


Brioche in a French toast, salted caramel ice cream and carambar  €7.50


Lemon and strawberry tartelette and basil €8.00


Rum baba with exotic tartare and vanilla cream  €9.00


Dijon's vacherin, gingerbread, blackburrant sorbet, meringue and fresh cream  €7,50


Frozen soufflé with anis de Flavigny and red fruit coulis  €8.00


Chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream  €8.50


Gourmet coffee, served with a coffee   €8.50

Gourmet tea, with a tea or a herbal tea   €8.50

Gourmet Crémant, with a coup of Crémant  €11.50

Gourmet Get 27 or Get 31, with a digestive   €12.50


Ice cream


– 2 scoops   €6.00

– One extra scoop  €1,00

– The fifth scoop Free


Ice cream :

• Vanilla

• Chocolate

• Pistachoe

• Nutella®

• bulgarian yogurt

• Salted butter caramel

• Stracciatella

• Dijon gingerbread


Sherbets :

• Blackcurrant

. Rapberries

• Plum

• Lime

• Passion Fruit

Wild strawberries


Extra whipped cream   €0,50


Lunch Menu  €16.00


Butcher's cot with shallots sauce and french fries


Grilled ham with mushrooms sauce and pasta


Today's special




Fresh cheese with sugar or with fresh herbs


Frozen Nougat with red fruits coulis


"Ile flottante" meringue with custard


Dessert of the day


Burgundy Menu

25,00 / pers.


Marbled ham with blackcurrant ketchup


Burgundy beef with red wine sauce, and gnocchi


Délice du Chanoine:

 poached pear with red wine with blackcurrant sorbet and meringue



Burgundy drinks Menu



1 kir (blackcurrant liqueur and white wine)

or 1 coupe of crémant blanc de blanc

1 glass of Saint Véran

1 glass of pinot noir, 



Children Menu  € 10


water syrup




Chopped steack and frenc fries


Braised ham and macaroni


Fish of the day




1 scoop to choose of ice cream








Some specialty…

Bœuf Bourguignon
Cassolettes d’escargots
Soufflé glacé aux Anis de Flavigny
Délice du chanoine
Œufs meurettes
Jambon Persillé


What would be the Burgundian cooking without all these winemakers and great wines that compose it ?

L’Épicerie gives pride to the best wines from Burgundy and elsewhere, in order to offer you a wide wine list which can be enjoyed by the glass or by bottle. Also rediscover the old spirits of our regions with Guignolet, Absinthe, Ratafia, Bardouin Pastis, Suze etc...

According to your desires (and the weather !), you can choose to enjoy your meal in one of the rooms of the restaurant, just as warm and friendly as each other, or on the terrace in fine weather...